Edible Street Art by Chappies #SouthAfrica #StreetArt #tbt

Chappies is an iconic South African bubblegum brand known for its signature ‘Did you Know’ facts found inside each individual wrapper. Chappies was founded in the late 1940s by Chapelat candy maker Arthur Ginsburg. In 2008, Cadburys were called in to revive the Chappies brand which included a package redesign and an update to ‘The Chappies Chipmunk’.

Last year, Chappies ran a competition to celebrate its 60th year by asking fans to suggest their own ‘Did you Know Facts’, which will in turn be printed on new wrappers. The winning facts where selected and used to create edible street art across South Africa. Fans where able to pick off the gum and help themselves. In a week, 67 653 individual pieces of gum were sampled.

The campaign has since won a handful of accolades for the project including a Prism Award and a CLIO Award.

View the creations below:

chappies0 chappies1 chappies2 chappies3 chappies4 chappies5


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