Pan-African Cultural Festival Algiers 1969 by Robert Wade #Algeria #tbt

From 1969 to 1979, American documentary photographer Robert Wade travelled across North Africa, taking images of various events and day to day life in Morocco, Egypt and Algeria. The images below are from the first Pan African Cultural Festival which took place in Algeria in July 1969. The event was set up to celebrate the liberation of African nations and to spotlight African culture and arts on the continent.

This gallery of photographs were taken at the first Pan-African Cultural Festival, held in Algiers, Algeria, in 1969. Many nations were represented at this arts festival and many forms of art presented. Among the musical highlights was a performance by the Archie Shepp band. The Black Panther Party informed thousands of visitors at its Afro-American Center, during the period in which Eldridge Cleaver was exiled in Algeria.Robert Wade

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Algiers10Algiers01 Algiers02
Algiers03 Algiers04 Algiers05  Algiers11 Algiers12 Algiers14 Algiers16Algiers22
Algiers19    Algiers23 Algiers24

Portrait of Robert Wade


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