Makeda Mixed Couples – Photo Stories by Aurore Vinot

In most cultures the idea of ‘intercultural’ relationships are still taboo. French photographer Aurore Vinot’s Makeda Mixed Couples is a photographic project that chronicles the lives of ‘intercultural’ couples living in Bravaville, Cape Town, Algiers, Paris and Beirut.
Vinot especially wanted to explore couples in South Africa to see the situation of racial mixing post apartheid and also the issues faced between a couple of different religions in a multi faith country such as Algeria and Lebanon.
The project looks at diversity and the social and cultural implications that ‘mixed’ couple face living their day to day lives.
Below are the trailers for the Congo, South Africa and Algeria projects.

Makeda Congo

Fanny (27, French) and Fiacre (33, Central African)
Alicia (26, Congolese) and Narcisse (38, Central African)
Christelle (31, Congolese) and Boris (33, French)
Elise (41, French) and Georges (59, Congolese)


Makeda South Africa

Andrew (42, American) and Shaggy (42, Nigerian)
Lerato (27, South African) and Chadrin (34, Congolese)
Lauren (27, South African) and Killaen (27, Zimbabwean)
Manshil (30, South African Indian) and James (31, South African English)


Makeda Algeria

Nassima (30, Algerian) and Shehab (32, Egyptian)
Dalila (24, Russian) and Amine (27, Algerian)
Sarah (25, Algerian) and Clement (28, French)
Lyria (36, Algerian) and Safouane (43, Syrian)


MAKEDA-MIXED COUPLES is currently ongoing. To learn more and to follow the project, visit



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