uSISTA, East Africa’s first musical road movie by Zippy Kimundu

usistauSista is a feature length independent film from Kenyan filmmaker Zippy Kimundu. The film is in development at Radio Film and ‘explores a century of Swahili history through the beats and ballads made famous by the legendary Bi Kidude.’


“As a girl growing up in Kenya I was always surrounded by stories of inspiring, mischievous or rebellious women. But at school, and as I ventured further into the world I grew confused, only ever finding books written by and about men. It was the same when I began to watch films, whether documentary or fiction.  

For me, this project is an opportunity to explore how women in East Africa have organized, agitated and influenced, and how we can trace modern parallels from these roots. By bringing these stories to the screen I hope to share my confidence as an independent woman with a new generation of women and men.”       Director, Zippy Kimundu


The film follows Tanzanian singer Mim Suleiman , who after 20 years of living in the UK returns back to her homeland to confront her past. She also makes some interesting discoveries while exploring the hidden histories of Africa women in media.

uSista was also one of 12 DOCUBOX finalists selected to show at the Sheffield International Documentary Festival in England.


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