W.A.K.A., A new film by Françoise Ellong (Trailer) #Cameroon

waka-francoise-ellong-camerounStarring Patricia Bakalack, Bruno Henry and Alain Bomo Bomo, W.A.K.A. is Françoise Ellong’s new award winning feature length drama. The film tells the story of Mathilda (Bakalack), a women who after becoming the victim of rape, falls pregnant and decides to keep the child that she bores from the abuse.

The film documents Mathilda’s challenges and the lengths that she will go to in order to raise her son Adam the best way she knows how.

The title W.A.K.A. refers to ‘Woman Acts for her Kid Adam’.

After producing several short films, this is French-Cameroonian filmmaker Françoise Ellong’s first full length film. The film was shot entirely in Douala, Cameroon.


For her son, she is ready to do anything… MATHILDA is Marilyn, mother of Adam during the day and prostitute at night. She is ready for any sacrifice to raise her child…


To learn more, visit: Facebook.com/WakaLeFilm

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