‘Life of Hers’, A New British Web Series by Samantha Chioma

Life of Hers is a forthcoming new British web series from Cardy Films that follows the complex  lives of four friends as they navigate their way through life in multicultural London.

Written by Samanatha Chioma and directed by film duo Olan Collardy and Ola Masha, the pilot series is due to began this month.

Life of Hers is a drama series written by Samantha Chioma, and directed by the film duo Olan Collardy and Ola Masha. It documents the experiences of four women living in London, whose different interests have taken them down various educational and career paths, while remaining close friends along the way. The series is an exploration of the complex lives women in London may have, including being part of the African diaspora. We are currently in production with Season One and have created this blog so you can follow our updates, see behind-the-scenes photos and find out more about the team and the cast behind this exciting project.

View the trailer below:


To learn more, visit: Lifeofhersseries.tumblr.com

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