B for Boy by Chika Anudu (Trailer)

b-for-boyIn this modern age, succumbing to age old traditions can be stressful, especially with changing times.

In ‘B for Boy’, new filmmaker Chika Anadu explores the correlation between modernity and the social pressures of cultural Igbo traditions that places a strong emphasis on the importance of boring a male son  to carry on the family name.

Main protagonist Amaka Okoli (Uche Nwadili) is a …. year old modern business women who lives a modest life with her husband Nonso (Nonso Odogwu) and daughter in urban Nigeria. She is pregnant and although all she wishes for is a healthy baby, she is face with obstacles and pressures from her meddling mother in law (Ngozi Nwaneto). This is just the beginning…


B For Boy is a contemporary drama set in Nigeria, about one woman’s desperate need for a male child; which reveals the discrimination of women in the names of culture and religion.

Source: Facebook.com/bforboymovie

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