‘La Noire de…’, A film by Sembène Ousmane (1966) #ThrowbackThursday

MV5BMTk5NTEwNDgwOV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTU4MDczMQ@@._V1__SX1117_SY901_La Noire de… (Black Girl) is Senegalese filmmaker Sembène Ousmane’s 1966 movie starring Thérèse Mbissine Diop. The film is often noted as the first Sub-Saharan African film by an African filmmaker to received international recognition.

The film which won the 1966 Prix Jean Vido accolade explores colonization, racism and post-colonial identity in Africa and Europe in the sixties.

A bitter story of exile and despair as a Senegalese maid is taken to the Riviera by her employers. Once out of Africa she realises what being African means: being a thing,’the black girl’. Stylishly shot, Black Girl never loses sight of its central theme of the myth of de-colonisation. From a true story.

Source: Africine.org