Cool Creatives: Marwan Shahin #Egypt #PopArt

The recent ‘Choose Your Own Adventure‘ collection which exhibited at Bluecoats in Liverpool a few weeks back, exposed us to the creative work of Egyptian pop artist Marwan Shahin.

shamin-oneman1 shamin-oneman2
Shahin’s work is a juxtaposition channeling the visual imagery of Roy Lichtenstein and his concerns for Egyptian current affairs.

His unique style incorporates the hatching effect (lines used for shading) and bold coloring to make a statement.

Rockstar ExtremistWith ‘Born to Ride’, Shahin tackles the topic of Women’s freedom and rights in the Arab world. Shamin invites the viewer to make their own interpretation of the piece, which after 2 years since its creation still stands the test of time–especially at a time when the championing of women’s rights is still a growing concern (i.e. #Bringbackourgirls).

shamin-powerInspired by the work of Roy Lichtenstein, ‘Embrace the darkness’ uses a glow in the dark color scheme to depict typical Egyptian citizens during a power cut.  Shahin explains, that the illustration was ‘designed in the middle of the power crisis in Egypt’. The state of Egypt’s frequent power cuts is often documented in the news with reports of the government blaming increased consumptions.

Check out some of his other work below:


The 2Vth


The Misguided


Fairouz HABIBI


To learn more about Shahin’s work, visit:



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