Introducing StarLight Enterprise, an Online Portal Dedicated to Showcasing African Luxury

Very rarely do we hear the words ‘Africa’ and ‘Luxury’ in the same sentence.

Oftentimes the beauty of the continent is overlooked and overshadowed with images of poverty, violence and corruption in the media but one platform that is making it a mission to showcase the ‘Glitz’ and ‘Glam’ that Africa has to offer, is StarLight Enterprise.

Founded by Veronica Nyantakyiwaa, StarLight Enterprise is dedicated to showcasing the beauty of African luxury by exposing us to the latest in high end travel, lifestyle, fashion, arts and events across West Africa and beyond.

In a recent interview Ms. Nyantakyiwaa tells us a little bit more about StarLight Enterprises and shares her top 3 African destinations. View the interview below: 1486837_671138049574837_1831519968_n
What is StarLight Enterprise?
StarLight Enterprise is an online portal showcasing the luxury industry in Africa and an event planning service. Our online facility showcases the luxury industry across Africa, while also welcoming foreign luxury businesses into the Continent. Our event planning service provides bespoke events tailored to our clients needs, or as we say “Making Your Vision our Passion”.

By having two entities to StarLight Enterprise (the African luxury industry and event planning) we are able to marry both worlds so our followers and clients can experience true African luxury as private weekend get-aways, weddings or an overseas corporate retreat.


What made you decide to target the luxury side of Africa?
It was in the spring of 2012, when I went to Ghana on a 2-week trip after 8 years and was very impressed with how far Ghana had developed. Not only in terms of infrastructure but the services available to the public were immense. I have always taken interested in events planning and was already researching this but what caught my eye in particular were the boutique hotels that had sprung in corners of the city within Accra Airport, East Legon accompanied by Michelin star restaurants and wondering why I never knew of this before.

There was not a place/site I could access to view all these gems in my home country and this bothered me. So I decided to fill in the loop-hole, and I knew I had to make a start on this very quickly as with time more and more stores, hotels, villas, malls, resorts, began to blossom.

Typically when you hear of elitism or luxury in Africa you straight away think of South Africa, a country that has developed on a huge scale in all areas. I always wondered why other countries in Africa were not seen in the same regard, after all it is there, only no one knows about it. This is how StarLight Enterprise was born. itaga-luxury-private-game-lodge-dining-6-e1398412540254
Why the name and what does it represent?
I knew straight away that I wanted to create my own event planning service while also showcasing the luxury industry in Africa this merger brought about the ‘Enterprise’ and ‘StarLight’ through prayer. StarLight represents the brand and the birth of new things, while Enterprise represents the range of services we cover.


In your opinion, what are your top three places that you would recommend people who don’t know Africa to visit and why?
For the top three countries best for striking landscapes are Gabon, Ghana and Sao Tome & Principe, you will come across the most beautiful scenery and perfect for couples and honeymooners. South Africa for the wine connoisseurs, they undoubtedly produce some of the world’s best wines. And for the lovers of relaxation and wellbeing The Gambia boasts of such beautiful hotels and villas perfect for unwinding. Morocco1
Why do you think the luxury sector is experiencing growth in Africa?
Now more than ever luxury has become accessible to everyone and this isn’t just for the elite/bourgeois but now everyone wants to live comfortably and experience the luxury life. Many Western luxury brands are branching in to Africa as they have seen this as an area of huge potential. And not only have South Africa and Kenya proven this; now Nigeria, Angola and Ghana are spending more on brands and also most importantly Africans are creating luxury lines of their own with the likes of Muyombano, Yswara and Richard Braqo. This is an exciting time for Africa, one I believe with careful management and focus will gain its stance in the luxury industry on a global scale.


I would like to thank Veronica Nyantakyiwaa for speaking with us and to get your daily dose of African luxury, visit the following links:

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Image Source: Itaga Luxury Private Game Lodge & Morocco /Links available on StarLight Enterprise

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