NEW BOOK: Into the Go-Slow by Bridget M. Davis (Sept, 9, 2014)

into-the-go-slow‘Into the Go-Slow’ is Bridgett M. Davis’s second novel that addresses life after the death of a love one. Angie’s connection to her sister Ella is cut short following her death four years prior. Ella played an influential role in introducing Angie to many things including the concept of returning to Africa, a journey that is pivotal in the novel.

Angie decides to leave her monotonous life in Detroit and embark on a trip that will ultimately allow her to heal and discover herself. Set to a Lagos backdrop,’Into the Go-Slow’ questions the issue of whether African-American can identify ‘Africa’ as home.

In 1986 Detroit, twenty-one-year-old Angie passes time working in a mall and watching sitcoms with her mom. But beneath the surface, she is consumed by thoughts of her sister’s death years earlier in Nigeria. Ella had introduced Angie to Black Power and a vision of returning to Africa. On impulse, Angie travels to Lagos and begins to retrace Ella’s steps. Against a backdrop of the city’s infamous go-slow—traffic as wild and unpredictable as a Fela lyric—she uncovers some harsh truths. For anyone who has wished to be of a different era, this book captures the pain of living vicariously and the exhilaration of finding yourself.

Bridgett M. Davis’s first novel Shifting Through Neutral(2004) was a finalist for the 2005 Hurston/Richard Wright LEGACY Award. Davis is a professor at Baruch College, CUNY and has written for the Washington Post and Essence Magazine.
‘Into the Go-Slow’ is currently available to pre-order, and is due for release in the US on September 9, 2014.

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