Cool Creatives: Boris Nzebo #Cameroon

Cameroonian abstract artist Boris Nzebo unusual style of multilayered art work draws on visuals from his hometown of Douala. Inspired by the hand painted artwork found outside West African salon, Nzebos work portrays a series of illustrated human heads bearing elaborate hairstyles. The artwork conveys a resemblance to that of Nigerian photographer J. D. Okhai Ojeikere’s iconic Nigerian hairstyle portraits. 20130925121526_boris_nzebo_auburgeduboulootnoirNzebo starts off by illustrating scenes from the city to act as a backdrop for his art and then he completes the piece with a colorful silhouette. The pairing of the location and the type of hairstyle allows the viewer to form a symbolic connection allowing ‘for a multiplicity of readings of the image, rendering levels of information in a sort of visual polyphony that rhythmically integrates humans and the space they inhabit.’ . 20140717112850_nzebo_DoualaTonight 20140717112933_nzebo_Chateudeau 20140205044815_Boris_nzebo_MadameTrottoirhautedef 20140717112419_boris_nzebo_Thegreatsrealisationsof2035 20131014123849_boris_nzebo_HLM 20130925121717_boris_nzebo_constructionmentale 20140717112331_nzebo_Coursfamiliale Boris Nzebo was born Port Gentil in Gabon in 1979. His sees his artwork work as an exploration of social status and expression through cultural affiliation. To learn more visit, BorisNzebo.blogspot.com. Image /Excerpt source: Saatchi Gallery

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