Takalani Sesame – Africa’s Own Sesame Street gets a Revamp

Takalani Sesame‘ meaning ‘Be Happy Sesame’ is the South African alternative to famed kids educational series ‘Sesame Street’. Since its launch in 2000, Takalani Sesame has aided in the promotion of basic literacy, numeracy and general awareness to engaging kid and their parents. The program incorporates all of the countries 11 languages and has included guest appearances from several well know personalities such as Hollywood actress Whoopi Goldberg, former Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan and South African social rights activist Archbishop Desmond Tutu. In preparation for the shows upcoming season, Johannesburg-based design firm Cool Your Jets were given the role to revamp Takalani Sesame’s concept and re-imagine and rebuild it as a digital world. This included a new title sequence, new stings, transitions and intros. On the Cool Your Jets website, they stated, ‘After an extensive period of creating and refining concepts, we set to work constructing the new Takalani Sesame. A partially urban, partially rural hybrid, the town included a taxi rank, spaza shop, train station, school, clinic and several homes, all built around a large central park. Various interiors were also created as homes and places of work. While these background environments would all be digitally added, real world elements would be needed for muppets and kids to interact with in the foreground. Working with Takalani’s talented art department, it was great to see our virtual props and set pieces brought to life in the real world. Seeing the muppets interact with them was even better!‘. View some of the results below: takalani1 takalani2 takalani3 takalani4 Source: http://coolyourjets.co.za

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