Sierra Leonean-Americans band together to create an End Ebola Now PSA #ENDEBOLANOW

A group of Sierra Leonean-Americans in the entertainment industry, have banded together to create an ‘End Ebola Now’ public service campaign that they hope will reach residence in effected countries.
There is currently a conspiracy theory in West Africa that is keeping people away from hospitals. Many believe that the ‘very doctors who are there to help them, are the ones giving them the virus’. The PSA has been produced in Krio with English subtitles in the hopes that it will strike a cord with the locals based in areas with high illiteracy rates and encourage individuals to seek medical assistance if infected. The PSA also stresses the importance of taking preventative measures to keep the Ebola virus from spreading.
In March, reports of the largest ever documented major Ebola Outbreak in Guinea was reported by World Health Organization (WHO). A month later, WHO reported 157 suspected and confirmed cases in Guinea, 22 suspected cases in Liberia, and 8 suspected cases in Sierra Leone. By July 31st, it was confirmed that from the 1440 cases reported, the death toll had reach 826.
At present, the situation is extremely serious and adequate information is not being circulated.

The EndEbolaNow Team state, ‘We are in contact with various channels to help us with distribution in Sierra Leone. We are also translating the video into numerous West African dialects from various countries to widen our reach.’

To get involved use #ENDEBOLANOW on social media and visit http://www.endebolanow.com, to learn more.

The End Ebola Now Team:
Nzinga Blake – Producer/Writer/Director – @nzingablake
Stephanie Filo – Producer/Writer/Editor – @stephaniefilo
Shalimar Zahra – Producer/Writer – @shaleader
Irene Edwards – Associate Producer/Writer – @reneygirl
Adetokumboh M’Cormack – Producer – @adetokumboh
Vincent Shakir – DP/Producer/Sound – @vincentshakir
Jared Safier – Producer – @jsafier


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