Julia Sarr Jamois for the Live In Levi’s Project (Video) #LiveInLevis

angelo-pennetta-for-i-d-magazine-spring-2014-19i-D magazines fashion Editor-at-large Julia Sarr Jamois stars in a new commercial for ‘The live In Levi’s Project.

The Live In Levi’s Project features one of a kind stories from style icons telling their personal stories while rocking a pair of their favorite Levi’s. The campaign features the likes of Colette social media manager Sandrine Tonye, dancer Zhu Jiejing and Philippe Zda of music duo Cassius.

Julia Sarr Jamois, an ex-model of Senegalese and French ethnicity and is recognisable for her big hair and stylish wardrobe.
She describes her style as ‘streetwear based’ and explains how she never throws any items of clothing away. She loves wearable pieces that are influenced by the streets of London.

Click here to learn more about the Live in Levi’s project.

image Source: Angelo Penneta for ID Magazine

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