PHOTOGRAPHY: Ethnik (1987-1988) by Laurent Elie Badessi #Niger

As part of his college thesis titled ‘Ethnological Fashion Photography’, French photographer Laurent Elie Badessi travelled to Niger in the late 80’s to photograph the Nigerien indigenous tribes.

His goal was to study the impact of photography on natives from different ethnical groups, some of who had never (or very rarely) been exposed to this medium. The psychological aspect in the interaction that occurs between a photographer and his sitter during a photo session was also a focal point in his research.

Although he photographed people from the Haoussas, the Kanouris, the Gourmances, the Djemmas, the Beri Beris and the Touareg tribes, he felt more drawn to the Bororo (Wodaabe) group.

Natives of the Bororo culture place high value on beauty, with only the men wearing make-up (during special occasions) and the women permanently tattooed.

The images below show the shots captured on the trip.

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