Fighter, A New Film About Togolese-French singer Jara Ezo (Trailer)

is an upcoming movie that documents the life of Togolese-French singer Jara Ezo. The movie was produced as a student project for Middle Tennessee State University. Directed by Kelly Rozell and produced by Samantha Hearn, the movie will  screen next week at the Belcourt Cinema in Nashville, USA.

Jara Ezo’s recently released debut EP titled ‘Dangerous fighter’ is currently available to purchase on iTunes.

The movie represents a softer side to Jaza which is contradictory to the ‘tough nut’ persona and lyrics portrayed in her music.


FIGHTER is about an Afro-French singer named Jara Ezo. Her first big solo, “Dangerous Fighter”, packs a powerful beat, a touch of scat and a huge dose of girl power. Her fierce persona and funky lyrics, however, tell the story of a much deeper theme…freedom. With immigrant parents from Togo, Africa, Ezo grew up in the south of France in a tiny place called Aurillac. As a child she was beaten and bullied for being the only black girl in town, an experience that haunted her until her father taught her to fight back. He passed away when she was 17, and Jara was left to continue fighting for her dreams without him. She leaned on the women in her life who taught her dance, music, and courage. In Fighter, we meet the three women who help shape her destiny.

To learn more about the movie, visit the official Facebook page

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