Esther Phiri

‘Between Rings’, The Esther Phiri Story (Trailer) #Zambia

Esther Phiri‘Between Rings’ tells the story of Zambian professional boxing champion Esther Phiri. The film narrates Phiri’s battle to overcome poverty and make a few sacrifices along her path to became one of Zambia’s most talked about female athletes.
Phiri’s decision to return to education and become a 7 time world welterweight champion has defied all cultural expectations. She is often noted as a symbol of female empowerment especially through her role of encouraging adolescent Zambian women to take part in sports.
‘Between Rings’ was written and directed by filmmakers Jessie Chisi and Salla Sorri of Helmi Films.

Film Synopsis
Whilst most young women in her home town of Zambia were busy
planning weddings, Esther Phiri had other ideas – To stay single, be a professional boxer and complete the high school education that she abandoned, when her family fell on hard times.Her quick and meteoric rise to undefeated world champion took not only the boxing world by surprise but sent emotions fever pitch.

But whilst the global press rushed to portray the image of the strong and confident woman tagged ‘Zambia’s Million Dollar Baby’, in private, Esther slowly crumbled under the weight of her success.
Adulation and celebrity had increased on one hand but so had criticism, envy and expectations from her family and fans.In the pursuit of independence from a husband, her global success had made her a symbol of hope and empowerment and a provider for her family and friends whose demands increased as Esther’s fortune grew.

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