‘Looking For You’ by Artsi Ifrach X Laila Hida #Morocco

“Wake up in the morning open your eyes right after that, your heart. Breath and say thanks looking for you every day and every day finding you. Another piece of something that keeps going on close your eyes and rest again.”

‘Looking For You’ is a collaborative photography project between Moroccan artists Artsi Ifrach and Laila Hida which examines the daily ritual of finding oneself. The series uses a series of portraits to document the project.

Artsi Ifrach is most known for his fashion label Art/C that specializes in ‘modest minded’ fashionable apparel. Both Ifrach and photographer Hida have worked together on several fashion projects in the past.

View the photo set below:

Looking-for-you1 Looking-for-you2 Looking-for-you3 Looking-for-you4 Looking-for-you5 Looking-for-you6 Looking-for-you7 Looking-for-you8 Looking-for-you9 Looking-for-you10 Looking-for-you11

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