‘Más Morena’ by Javier Hirschfeld inspired by Julio Romero de Torres #Senegal

Javier Hirschfeld brings a contemporary perspective to the work of classic Spanish painter Julio Romero de Torres.

buenaventura_hirschfeld La_Buenaventura_by_Julio_Romero_de_Torres

After a recent trip to Gorée Island in Senegal, Málagan photographer Javier Hirshfeld created a series of portraits ‘Más Morena’, that forges a connection to Romero de Torres’ Andalusian paintings. His depiction of everyday Sengalese life toys around with Romero de Torres’ aesthetic except the reinstatement of  specific props for those that were traditionally Senegalese. One example is the replacement of coal that is displayed in Romero de Torres ‘La Chiquita Piconera’. It is substituted for the Churrai (Senegalese incense) in Hirschfeld’s replication. In Hirschfelds take on ‘La Buenaventura’, the subject is shown holding up small shells and basket on her lap as opposed to cards (as in the original painting).


Hirschfeld’s choice to shoot the images in Gorée Island are symbolic in a sense that the Island is a place with a notable historic past. It served as the departure port for slaves from Africa to America. Much of the towns artifacts are decaying but still in tack. Hirsch felt it was important to incorporate the Island as as backdrop. His subjects are all natives of the Island.

‘The Symbolic universe of the women, with its transmission of melancholy, are always framed within a special care in elegance; from the wax fabrics that dresses the female figure to the light and the stage that wraps the Senegalese reality’

Upcoming dates for ‘Mas Morena’ in Seville, Spain and Cambridge, United Kingdom are as follows:

‘Mas Morena’ will be showcasing at the Festival de Cine Africano de Córdoba in Seville, Spain from October 15-19, 2014. Click here to learn more.


From November 1-9, 2014, ‘Mas Morena’ will be exhibited alongside the 13th Cambridge African Film Festival at the Cambridge Arts Picturehouse. Click here to learn more visit.



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