‘She Loves You, Yeah Yeah Yeah’, Photography by Marplondon

Named after the Beatles biggest selling UK hit single, ‘She Loves You, Yeah Yeah Yeah’ is a collection of images by London-based photographer Marplondon. The collection explores the subject of marriage in cross-cultural relationships, and the rituals associated with each individuals identity (i.e. culture and social rank). It also focuses on the women role as a bride.

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Marplondon’s playful use of color and kitschy presentation blends photography with several layers of manipulation to demonstrate the relationship between traditional and modern aspects of marriage and popular culture. The photo series is modeled by performance artist Helen Parker-Jayne Isibor of The Venus Bushfires.

When asked about the inspiration for the collection, Marplondon explains that ‘the series is inspired by how rituals and customs of the wedding and marriage change, when people from different cultures meet in love (and/or across social classes), A validation and negation of personal identity takes place, which creates new ones. A marriage between the old and the new’.

28a38d83c9fe3d88-10Bambi-et-BambiMarplondon further elaborates ‘It is also looking at the role of the woman. How women in Nolly, Holly and Bollywood are portrayed in contemporary films and tv-shows, which have a tendency to make the masses dream of what the very few only can afford. How contemporary media capitalise on romantic love consumerism and how this manifests into our desires to be desired. ‘

View the images below:

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