Njinga Mbande

‘Njinga, Rainha de Angola’, A Film About Angola’s Most Influential Queen (Trailer)

Njinga, Rainha de Angola tells the story of Ana de Sousa Njinga Mbande, the fearless queen, who for 40 years ruled and fought for the independence of Ndongo and Matamba (Mbundu) kingdoms from Portugal in 17th century Angola.
Njinga Mbande ruled at a time when the slave trade and consolidation of power to the Portuguese grew rapidly. Today, Angolan’s remember her for her political and diplomatic charm. A statue was erected in Kinaxixi square in 2002 in dedication of Angolas 27 years of independence by President José Eduardo dos Santos. In 2013, Njinga Mbande was listed her as one of 25 most important figures in African history by UNESCO.

Njinga Mbande
Njinga, Rainha de Angola was written by Joana Jorge with former Miss Angola winner Lesliana Pereira playing the leading role of Njinga Mbande.

The film is currently showing at the fourth edition of Film Africa in London and will run until November 9
To learn more about the movie, visit: http://www.rainhanjinga.co.ao

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