15 Semi-Finalists Competing For This Year’s Ghana StartUp Cup Announced

Ghana_WebLogoGhana StartUp Cup  recently announced the fifteen semi-finalists competing for this year’s Best Startup award in the annual Ghana StartUp Cup competition…

This year’s event will see unique awards handed out, including mentorship packages, strategy consulting with Growth Mosaic, investment structuring with the Ghana Angel Investors Network, participation in the World Startup Competition, the AfricaTwety10 Award, Ampion Venture Bus Award in partnership with AMPION, and the Innovation Award for successfully trading small businesses.

“Starting a business is a very exciting time and it is thrilling to see so many creative Ghanaian entrepreneurs across a wide range of industries making the most of the resources at their fingertips to launch exciting start-ups. Each one of these semi-finalists has captured our imagination and we hope will inspire others to act on their own big ideas” commented Nathan Pritzker, a Judge on the panel.

Semi-finalists for the 2015 edition of the StartUp Cup Ghana competition include:

CustOpinion: A mobile application that provides market insight and industry information to businesses

Children’s Art Festival Ghana : A Reach for Change, Tigo  Ghana and Devio Arts Centre -Led festival aimed at inspiring creativity among children and encouraging parents to appreciate art. Provides recreation activities which Children and young people can learn to develop their creative minds using both visual and digital art forms.

MED Ghana: Online portal which allows users to consult with licensed doctors through secured email, live chat on on the web, or book a phone appointment to speak to the medical doctor on phone.

Swappaholics: Swappaholics is an innovative and interactive online swapping portal that was couched from the famous barter trading system. Swappaholics involves people listing items they want to swap (I have) for items they need (I want).

Sidekick: A full service advertising agency comprised of tech geeks, creative designers, innovative storytellers, and strategists helping brands build close relationships with their customers in real time

BigXGh: A digital platform for Ghanaian music offering music streaming, industry news and events updates.

Smerk Labs: Developers of a mobile app called “Order Now” to give a visual and exact representation of food from various restaurants and enable users to just select their food item and send to restaurants in real time

Pineapple Orchard Ltd: Engages in large scale pineapple cultivation for both the local and foreign market

Freezeit Labs: A unit which puts the power of your refrigerator in a small and compact disposal unit to control sanitation

Tenth Reign: The primary focus of Tenth Reign is to keep nursing mothers informed about child care best practices through mobile technology and a multi-stakeholder approach

Smart Fix Ghana: An online platform that creates marketing opportunities for freelance artisans, handymen and construction workers such as plumbers, electricians, landscapers etc, through which they can market their services

Sh3fata: An online marketplace for apparel and accessories suppliers and dressmakers to connect and sell to the Ghanaian internet accessible population

E-Group Research & Teaching Consult: An SMC University, Switzerland partnered portal which provides online tutorial system to complement the online learning platform of schools

F&Q Concept Development Center: Developers of iShare, a mobile app that enables users to trade (buy & sell shares) on the stock market

Trayfunds: A crowd funding platform which connects the initiators and startup businesses with venture capitalists or angel investors to support their ventures

Semi-finalists would be trained through an introduction course to the competition, pitching techniques and other areas necessary to having a successful pitch event with the grand jury. We wish all finalists the best of Luck.

Source: Ghana Startup Cup

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