PHOTOGRAPHY: ‘Hayek’ by Djemiai Naïl #Algeria

‘Hayek’ is a photographic project by Algerian-based photographer Djemiai Naïl. Hayek is the name given to a traditional white Algerian garment most commonly associated with the Casbah area of Algiers. The Hayek consists of a veil that covers the bottom half of the face and is a part of tradition that represents elegance and modesty. The collection  explores ways in which modern Algerian women are wearing the Hayek (a traditional white garment).

‘A story of a traditional Algerian white garment, usually associated with the Casbah area of Algiers. Women used to wear it to cover themselves before going out, but after the independence they were more and more attracted to the occidental way of dressing 
-that means : No more Hayek in the streets’

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