Amma Asante’s TEDx Addresses Gender and Race Expectations Bestowed Upon Directors of Color (Video)

483ouxSeAt a recent TEDx event held in Brixton (UK) back in October, Hollywood director and former Grange Hill actress Amma Asante brings awareness on the issue of expectations bestowed upon female directors of color.

Amma Asante is the director of the Hollywood hit movie Belle and found that working in Hollywood where only 0.4% of directors are black females, she has been under pressure to live up to a definition bestowed upon her; one that did not match own own self definition. A passionate speaker, Amma asks us to consider that we are all a combination of many worlds put together and when those worlds meet, progress can follow.

Other’s who participated in the event were Broadcast journalist Lola Adesioye, Wolffe Olins CEO Ije Nwokoria and performance poet Dean Atta.

(Image: Hazel Thompson)

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