PHOTOGRAPHY: Gorée Island by Francoise Gaujour #Senegal

During the 15th to 19th Century, the island of Gorée in Senegal was known as the ‘largest slave-trading centre on the African coast’.

The Island of Gorée testifies to an unprecedented human experience in the history of humanity. Indeed, for the universal conscience, this “memory island” is the symbol of the slave trade with its cortege of suffering, tears and death.

Located two miles from Dakar, the nations capital, Gorée ‘serves as a reminder of human exploitation’ and ‘a sanctuary for reconciliation’.

Most of the Islands original structure is still in tact including the fortresses and castles that were built by the British, French, Portuguese and Dutch colonizers.

Formally a resident of Dakar, French photographer Francoise Gaujour could see the silhouette of the Island through her window. Finally she was able to make a trip over to Gorée. As we can see from the following images (below), she captured the island in all its glory in a beautiful photoset that visualizes some of the islands original structures.

goree1 goree2 goree3 goree4 goree5 goree6 goree7 goree8 goree9 goree10 goree11 goree12 goree13 goree14 goree15
Image Source: ‘My Island’ by Francoise Gaujour

Text Excerpt: UNESCO

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