Editorial: African Fashions by Tongoro to launch in Spring 2015

Tongoro‘Tongoro’ means Star in the Sango (a language of the Central African Republic). It is also the name for a new online fashion retailer.

Launching in Spring 2015, Tongoro promises high end fashions made exclusively in Africa. Sarah Diouf, founder and curator of Ghubar Magazine is the creative director behind Tongoro. In a recent journal post, Diouf states that the label is ‘more than “just” another fashion brand’. She further explains, ‘At a time where African fashion is massively making its way to the global closets, the question of sustainability in all our business models remains, and urges this very new industry to rethink – if not – to think differently the African fashion business and its profitability…we’ve decided to think big, start small, and act now, to unfold by next spring, a Made In Africa online clothing store offering affordable quality fashion. …For every single time we will be asked what Tongoro means, we’ll be able to highlight our forgotten land and pay tribute to the very heart of our Mother, wounded, bleeding, yet still blossoming.’

The new PRE-SS15 collection was shot in Paris by Mehdi Sefrioui and modeled by Oceane, (a 15 year old model). All pieces are produced in Dakar, Senegal

Check out the editorial below:


Capture-d’écran-2015-01-02-à-23.55.31 Tongoro

Photographer: Mehdi Sefrioui
Model: Oceane, 15
Make Up: @KarenDoesMakeUp
Wardrobe: Tongoro by Sarah Diouf


Image Source: Tongoro

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