Bilo Hussein

PHOTOGRAPHY: ‘Never Home’ by Bilo Hussein

As a recent migrant of New York City, photographer Bilo Hussein’s photography project, ‘Never Home’, is one close to her heart.

Born to Sudanese parents, Bilo Hussein grew up in Saudi Arabia.

The project is an exploration of displacement and homesickness from women who have recently set up home in the Big Apple. The project was taken over a course of a year during Hussein’s masters program at the New York School of Visual Arts.

Bilo Hussein Bilo Hussein Bilo Hussein Bilo Hussein

Hussein explains, ‘When I was growing up in Saudi Arabia, my Sudanese parents often reminded me that the county we lived in was not our home. It was only years later that I understood the implications of this – that it might become impossible for me to belong to any culture and that there was no place I could comfortably call home. These grownup feelings are the basis for Never Home.’

Bilo Hussein Bilo Hussein Bilo Hussein
Hussein used a multiple exposure technique to superimpose images of the women with their favorite go-to spots in the city.
Through conversations Hussein was able to connect with her subjects about their feelings of moving to a new town and how they have adjusted to their new surroundings.

The results of Hussein’s findings are documented in her new 32 page book, ‘New Home’.

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