10 Ghanaian Female Youtubers to Follow

‘Akatasia’ in Twi (Ghanaian language) means ‘stylish woman’. One of our main premises for this platform is to celebrate the creative endeavors of women from Africa and the diaspora.

Today in accordance with the Ghanaian Independence day celebration, is bringing you a list of some of our favorite Ghanaian female YouTubers.

YouTube is  growing platform that is creating a new wave of online celebrities. Last year, results from a survey performed by Adroit Digital, suggested that YouTube is now more popular than live TV.

View our list below:


Fusion of Cultures

Fusionofcultures is run by Laila Jean Washington. Laila’s channel offers anything from detailed natural hair tutorials, product reviews, giveaways, tips and general life updates.

Why we love ‘Fusionofcultures’
Laila is definitely one of our favorite natural hair YouTubers. She makes going natural look easy and effortless. Her bubbly personality keeps viewers hooked.

Fusion of Cultures Channel


Girls Love Your Curls

Girls Love Your Curls is a great resource site for naturalistas everywhere. Channel owner Nadine’s mission is to offer tips and encouragement to parents and caregivers, who are teaching their children to love and care for their natural hair. She shows various tips on maintaining hair including looking after your hair during a short vacation, DIY hair accessories tutorials and African threading styles.

Why we love ‘Fusionofcultures’
Nadine lighthearted approach makes her relatable. She is a mother to three adorable young girls, who she is showing by example to be proud of their natural tresses.

GirlsLoveYourCurls Channel


The Only Way Is Ghana

 Checkily conned after ‘The Only Way is Essex’ TV series, ‘The Only Way is Ghana’ follows vlogger Lorissa Akua as she prepares to set up a business and home in Ghana. The channel documents Lorissa’s journey from her home tuff in the UK to her current home in Accra with some helpful tips and interviews sprinkled in for good measure.

Why we love ‘The Only Way Is Ghana’
We love Lorissa Akua’s honest thoughts on life in Ghana. She doesn’t sugar coat her experiences and makes sure to document her highs and lows. This is a great blog to follow if you are thinking of moving to Ghana..

The Only Way is Ghana Channel


Chanel Boateng

Before we got to know of Chanel Boateng’s work, we had seen a lot of editorials crediting her as the make up artist, so checking out her channel, we knew we were going to get a lot of amazing tips. She has tutorials on how to conceal under eye cycles and even has a guide to selecting the best foundations.

As wells beauty tips, Chanel also offers advice on relationships and her life as a christian wife.


Why we love Chanel Boateng.
Chanel’s video on Excess Facial Hair Growth locked us in. Her realness and willingness to show others a topic that most women fear to talk about, made us love her more.

Recently Chanel opened up a new blog channel that gets us an up close view of life as a mother and wife

Chanel Boateng’s Channel



LizLizLive is one of the more popular YouTubers. Her channel consists of videos that offer hair styling tips, makeup tutorials, OOTD (Outfit of the Day) videos and weight loss techniques.

Why we love LizLizLive
Her videos are fun and to the point. She also has a fun and friendly vibe that allows her personality to shine.

LizLizLive’s Channel



Shirley Eniang

With over 500K follows its not hard to see why viewers tune in to Shirley’s channel every week. Her videos range from lookbook, hauls, interiors, giveaways and much much more.


Why we love Shirley B. Eniang
Watching her videos feels like you are having a friendly chat with a close friend. We love Shirley neutral aesthetics and her effortlessly chic videos.

Shirley B. Eniangs channel


Kezia Eniang

Now this list would not be complete without the inclusion of food and that is just what Kezia Eniang’s channel is all about. Kezia’s channel is fairly new with a handful of videos. But as stated in the About us page, the channel promises food and lifestyle videos.


Why we love Kezia Eniang
Most viewers that watch Shirley B. Eniang’s videos will be familiar with younger sister Kezia. Her bubbly personality and onscreen chemistry with her sister has already garnered her several thousands of followers since she launched 4 months ago.

Kezia Eniangs channel


Akushika GoneNatural

New York-based nursing student Akushika is an Ewe youtube personality, that shares her love of music, skincare and haircare with viewers. The channel documents her 4 year hair care journey since transitioning back to natural hair.


Why we love Akushika GoneNatural
As well as documenting her personal adventures, sharing budget deals and reviewing products, Akushika frequently attends natural hair events around New York City, so viewers often get a change to catch a glimpse of the events through her channel.

Akushika GoneNatural’s Channel



Abenalove is an Australian blogger that shares lookbooks, reviews, hauls as well as hair and beauty tutorials. She recently vlogged her trip to Ghana.


Why we love Abenalove
Her ankara lookbooks give us life. And it’s nice to see a different representative of Aussie life, besides the one that we see on Neighbors and Home and Away on standard TV programming.

AbenaLove’s Channel


Ghana Goddess

Part PhD Psychology student and part YouTube blogger Michelle’s videos range from natural hair care, fashion videos, vlogs and discussions on various topics.


Why we love Ghana Goddess
Ghana Goddesses positive Chit Chat videos are great for gaining some inspiration and advice in dealing with life issues.

Ghana Goddesses’ Channel


Do you know of any other good Ghanaian Youtubers? Share them via the comments box below.

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