In Conversation by Mary Nyambura

‘In Conversation’, A Short Film About Sisterhood and Friendship by Mary Nyambura

‘In Conversation’, is a short film written and directed by UK-based Kenyan actress and filmmaker Mary Nyambura.
In Conversation by Mary Nyambura
‘In Conversation’ explores the subject of sisterhood and friendship. Verbal dialogue is replace by the composition of electronic sounds from Flying Lotus forcing viewers to create their own narrative based purely on body language and facial expressions.

Filmmaker Nyambura explains, ‘In conversation, is a story about sisterhood and friendship and explores the different relationships people have in their friendship groups. A story, I feel isn’t always celebrated. The main character is going through a journey and her close sisters assist her through it.’

‘In the last few years I have been influenced a lot by foreign cinema, film makers like Kahlil joseph and Ava Duvenary and their depictions of people of colour and I figured a great way to present myself and creative people I know, is to make films.’

The film is one of many currently screening at the African Caribbean Film and Literature Festival this month in the UK. To learn more, visit:

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