4 Inspiring Visual Artists from Mauritius

Mauritius is known for it scenic mountains, year-round sunshine and breathtaking white sandy beaches.

The population of almost 1.3 million is 68 percent Indian, but also comprises Creole, Chinese, French, plus a smattering of English and South Africans. -CNN

As well as being included countless times as one of the top tourist destinations in the world, the country also breeds a burgeoning and thriving art scene.

Today Mauritius celebrate 47 years of independence from Great Britain and we are honoring this by spotlighting our favorite Mauritian visual artists.

1. Chloé Ip

Chloé Ip Chloé Ip

Chloé Ip is a Freelance photographer and visual artist from Rose Hill. She specializes in mixed media collages and pop art. Her recent work focuses a lot on the female form and 50’s vintage photography. To learn more visit:


2. Artifice

Artifice Artifice

Artifice is collective of five creatives – photographer Karen Pang, make-up artist Valerie Lee, art director Gael Froget, stylist Laurent Thevenau and model Katia Moochooram.  The team’s work pays homage to Gael Froget‘s street art background, and the work of artists Andy Warhol and Frida Kahlo. Their work is focused on the exploration of womanhood resulting in superficial portrayals of the female personality.  To learn more, visit:


3. Katty Laguette

katty1 xvDeukg

Katty Laguette is a multimedia artist and animator. Most of Laguette’s art work employs a unique style that consists of a central black and white illustrations, which she finishes off with a bold color for the background. To learn more, visit:


4. Sandhia Devi. Somiah

black-woman-1407161800_b mistero-signora-the-mystery-lady-1404051598_b

Sandhia Devi Somiah is a visual artist from Rivière du Rempart. Her speciality is colorful abstract art. She uses her paintings to promote art and creativity around the world. To learn more, click here.



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