Nykhor Paul, Atong Ajork, Mari Malek & Mari Agory for SUITED Magazine’s Inaugural Issue #SouthSudan

SUITED Magazine, is a new publication that champions the global innovators and free sprits of the fashion industry by promoting individuality and self expression.


SUITED is a new biannual fashion and art publication with a singular mission in mind: to celebrate those who have found what they are well-suited for. Our objective is to showcase independent thinkers ardent about creating work that is at once inspired, influential and timeless. -SUITED

In SUITED’s inaugural issue Street Etiquette’s Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs are featured. There is also a moving editorial photographed by Paul Jung, that brings to light the current situations in South Sudan by uniting South Sudanese models Nykhor Paul, Atong Ajork, Mari Malek & Mari Agory. All four women are using their platform as models to inspire peace in their home country.

Check out some the editorial below:

suited2 suited3

South Sudanese models Mari Malek, Mari Agory, Nykhor Paul and Atong Arjok—are raising their voices to effect change in their home country. Passionately dedicated to the needs of others, these women are opening up a dialogue not only among their fellow citizens but around the world. -SUITED

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