Welcome to the Smiling Coast: Living in the Gambian ghetto (Trailer)

Gambia, often referred to as the Smiling Coast, is noted for being a welcoming haven for winter escapees and its friendly English-speaking locals among other things. But what’s really behind the smiles? This is what Gambian creative media initiative State of Mic are asking in their new 2015 documentary, ‘Welcome to the Smiling Coast’.

Welcome to Gambia

Welcome to the Smiling Coast offers a rare insight into the lives of fifteen West-African youngsters moving within the bounds of the Gambian tourism industry of sun, sea and sex. Capturing their daily struggles for survival, this documentary puts a human and positive face on the informal economy behind the glitter of the Smiling Coast of West Africa. With the lure of a better future just around the corner, do they try their luck abroad or find their peace at home?

‘Welcome to the Smiling Coast’ will premiere on Wednesday March 25, at the Hague in The Netherlands. To learn more, click here.

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