EDITORIAL: ‘Afro-Juba’ by Osbourne Macharia #Kenya

‘Afro-Juba’ is a hair editorial shoot ‘inspired and dedicated to the games that defined our childhood’. All images were shot by Contemporary Kenyan photographer Osbourne Macharia. The games illustrated in the editorial (titled with their Swahili names) are BRIKICHO (Hide and Seek), CHA MAMA (Girls role playing as mothers and wives), DUF MPARARO (Skinny dipping in tadpole infested water) and MUWINDO (Hunting for Quails and ather smaller birds using a slingshot).

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STYLING: Kevin Abbra
WARDROBE: Charity Namnyak
HAIR: Richard Kinyua+ Corrine Muthoni
MAKE UP: Wachuka
PHOTOGRAPHY: Osborne Macharia
ASSISTANTS: Thandiwe Muriu + Joseph Kyule
Image Source:

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