Photography: ‘Nigerians in New York’ by Cheeks #NYgerians

‘Nigerians in New York’ is an ongoing portrait series by self confessed ‘Renaissance Woman’ and photographer Cheeks. Cheeks runs ‘Cheeks In the big City‘, a blog full of images and blurbs illustrating her ‘journey to self discovery and life experiences’

Check out the images and description from the project below:

Relocating to New York from Nigeria was a bittersweet feeling for me. On one hand, I was excited to be trying something new and different. On the other, I was afraid of trying something new and different. After three years of constant struggle, I am starting to find a balance in this new life which is not so strange anymore. This experience inspired me to embark on a portrait series which I have titled NYgerians. I reached out to some wonderful Nigerians on social media and they were more than happy to take part. We discussed extensively, the stories behind our transitions and how it had contributed to our self discovery. I could feel a sense of pride in their mannerisms, listen to the awareness of their thoughts and see determination in their eyes. We connected based on our similar experiences and it was fun to talk to people that can relate. 

nigeriansinny1 nigeriansinny2 nigeriansinny3 nigeriansinny4 nigeriansinny5

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