Ellen Elias. Source: Instagram

Dressing for Herself, No Man’s Approval Needed: Ellen Elias (StyleLikeU)

Swedish stylist Ellen Elias is featured in the latest installment of StyleLikeU.com‘s ‘Whats Underneath’ web series.
In the video, she talks about her unique style of dressing and self confidence.

See the video and description below:

Ellen Elias, the East African (by way of Sweden) heroine of our new What’s Underneath, won’t submit to dressing for a man.“When I meet a man who accepts my style, that’s the one I’ll actually want to be with,” Ellen told us. Her irrepressible confidence stems from her mom (who told to her ignore the beauty norms she saw on television), as well as the women of Eritrea (the East African country where she’s from) who fought right with the men in their battle for independence against Ethiopia. In the same way that she won’t force herself into the perennial little black dress just to get a dime-a-dozen boyfriend, Ellen also won’t conform to stereotypes of how black women “should be.” Way out of the ordinary, no one can peg Ellen to anything based on her looks, including her actual country of origin. She is a woman of the world who is simultaneously at one with who she is, and her story is in our new What’s Underneath episode above!
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Ellen Elias. Source: Instagram

About ‘What’s Underneath’
StyleLikeU.com asked a select group of individuals to participate in a project in which they will remove their clothes to honor how style is not the clothes you wear. To learn more, visit Read more at Stylelikeu.com

Image Source: Instagram

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