UPCOMING NEW NOVEL: Mr. and Mrs. Doctor, A novel by Julie Iromuanya

Chicago-based writer and scholar Julie Iromuanya, will be releasing her first novel ‘Mr. and Mrs. Doctor’ next month. Iromuanya has written short stories for notable publications including  The Kenyon ReviewPassages North and the Cream City Review. Her most eminent work was her feature in the 2013 anthology, ‘Converging Identities: Blackness in the Modern Diaspora‘.

View the synopsis for Mr. and Mrs. Doctor below:


Ifi and Job, a Nigerian couple in an arranged marriage, begin their lives together in Nebraska with a single, outrageous lie: that Job is a doctor, not a college dropout. Unwittingly, Ifi becomes his co-conspirator—that is until his first wife, Cheryl, whom he married for a green card years ago, reenters the picture and upsets Job’s tenuous balancing act.

Mr. and Mrs. Doctor is due for release on May 12 and is currently available for pre-order via Amazon. Click here to learn more.


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