NEW MUSIC: ‘Kemekem’ (I Like Your Afro) by Meklit Featuring Samuel Yirga

Check out the visuals for ‘KemeKem’ (I like Your Afro), the catchy new tune from Ethiopian singer Meklit Hadero. The song is a collaborative effort with pianist Samuel Yirga and is a fun anthem for afro-rockers everywhere.

From the infectious dance moves to a bevy of beautiful natural hairstyles, the video is impressive.

Meklits music is unique. She incorporates sounds from her East African heritage with West Coast folk and elements of New York Jazz.

Aside from her musical talents, the San Francisco-based songwriter is known for her philanthropic work with Nile Project, an initiative she co-founded with ethnomusicologist Mina Girgis. Through music and education, the Nile Project ‘addresses the cultural and environmental challenges at the root of the Nile conflict’.


Source: http://www.meklitmusic.com

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