women who spit

‘Take Up Space’ by Spoken Word Poet Vanessa Kisuule

Performed exclusively for BBC’s ‘Women Who Spit’ short film collection, British poet and rising star Vanessa Kisuule performed her piece ‘Take Up Space’. ‘Take Up Space’ is a powerful anthem encouraging ‘all women to stop shrinking themselves, and take up space!’

BBC's 'Women Who Spit'When asked why she wrote this piece, Kisuule explained, ‘Anger and struggle is an important and inevitable part of feminism but I wanted to do a piece with a celebratory feeling. I know so many amazing women who have inspired me in all manner of ways and I guess this poem is partly a dedication to them’. She also empathizes that is was ‘more important that we care for and listen to each other rather than tear each other down.’

‘Women who Spit’ features four other upcoming British artists (Cecilia Knapp, Deanna Rodger, Jemima Foxtrot and Megan Beech) who have also shared their stories in on what makes them spit

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