Yawa Hansen

Yawa Hansen-Quao’s Talk About Finding Your Voice As A Woman In Africa #TEDxAccra

Yawa Hansen‘Don’t let people steal your voice, your voice is your power’. This is the message that Yawa Hansen-Quao’s father gave her after she succumbed to the childhood bullies who taunted her about her ‘deep’ voice. It’s also the message that stood out most during her recent speech at Ghana’s inaugural TEDx Talk held back in April of this year. Hansen-Quao was one of several speakers that gathered at the Kama Conference Center in Labone to share their thought provoking ideas.

Yawa Hansen-Quao, a champion for women’s rights and the founder of the non profit organization ‘Leading Ladies Network‘ uses the example of the Daughters of Zelophehad to highlight important tips that can ‘help women and girls find their voice and rise up in leadership in the public sphere’.

View the talk below:

Image Source: Graspglobalpoverty.wordpress.com

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