Our Future World launches #TweetaDream Ghana Campaign for International Children’s Day – June 1st

Press Release: Our Future World launches #TweetaDream Ghana Campaign

#TweetADream Ghana
Accra, 29/5/2015 – The non-profit organisation Our Future World has officially launched its global #TweetaDream
campaign in more than 35 countries including Ghana. The campaign aims to engage school age children and youth
across the world in visualising and sharing their dreams for the future on International Children’s Day, June 1st 2015.
Inspired by the question “What if every child was inspired to seek genius?”, the campaign asks young people around
the world to imagine the future they want to live in and to explore their role in shaping it. As a result, Our Future
World hopes to inspire young people to discover their unique interests and develop clear goals for themselves by
thinking about the future in terms of opportunities. By visualising their dreams in any format such as drawings or
paintings among others, further clarity is added to their goals.
The #TweetaDream campaign culminates in a global event on June 1st 2015 when all participating young people
share their dreams for their future via Twitter. This coordinated global message on International Children’s Day is
aimed at sparking a worldwide conversation about young people’s dreams, aspirations and expectations for the
future. Participants and the public will be able to see and respond to contributions from around the world via
Twitter and the Our Future World website.
#TweetaDream is based on the belief that if young people were inspired to follow their dreams and pursue their
passions, an unprecedented amount of potential would be unleashed in the next generation. With future goals
clarified through visualisation and commitment boosted through sharing them, the campaign has the potential to
help young people grow beyond what they thought they could be, ready to take on some of the greatest challenges
of today.
After the global event, Our Future World will continue to follow its guiding objectives of inspiring, amplifying and
connecting young people’s dreams. It will offer students and teachers the opportunity to exchange their
contributions with schools from other countries in order to further stimulate a cross-cultural dialogue on young
people’s dreams. In addition, the organisation has mentioned a number of plans including representing the
campaign and contributions of its participants at major events this year such as the UN Post-2015 Summit on the
new set of Sustainable Development Goals and the COP21 Climate Change Conference in Paris.
Our Future World works with a growing number of ambassadors around the world to reach out to children, youth,
teachers, schools and key stakeholders. It’s global network of ambassadors has grown to over 50 ambassadors and
comprises many accomplished social entrepreneurs and leaders in the field of education. Among them is
Emmanuel Nyame, who is leading the #TweetaDream campaign in Ghana. Emmanuel Nyame is a social entrepreneur
with interests in startups and venture capital investment.
Fountain of Youth International School will host a section of Ghana’s youth to create visualisations of their dreams
on June 1st.
More information about the #TweetaDream campaign and an option to sign up can be found on the Our Future
World website: www.ourfuture.world Inquiries can be sent to emmanuel@ourfuture.world

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