Eska by Eska

‘Eska’, Debut Album from British Artist Eska Mtungwazi

Eska by Eska

Eska Mtungwazi’s self titled ‘ESKA‘ is an album that epitomizes influences and reflections throughout her life.

Having moved to the UK from Zimbabwe as a toddler, Eska spent the earlier part of her life feeling out of place.  As a young child growing up in Lewisham, Eska came to enjoy the experimental sounds of Kate Bush and Joni Mitchell as well as R&B trailblazers Quincey Jones and Ella Fitzgerald. Music became her remedy. It gave her an outlet to be adventurous with lyrics and sounds.

Listening to some of the tracks on the album, it’s evident that Eska’s sound palette is very refined and diverse. She does a great job of effortlessly crossing multiple genres. With ‘GateKeeper’, Eska experiments with classic rock elements, gritty soul vocals and cerebral tones. And theres ‘Heroes & Villains’ set to infectious reggae and afrobeats. The stand out track has to be ‘Rock of Ages’, a powerful track with the occasional falsetto that channels a hint of Prince, a bit of Joni Michel and some Tracy Chapman.

Throughout her musical journey, Eska has collaborated with Tony Allen, Grace Jones and the Cinematic Orchestra.

ESKA is Eska’s debut album available to purchase via Bandcamp. To learn more, visit the following links: eskaonline.comFacebookTwitterSoundCloud and YouTube


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