Angel Among Men

Angels Among Men by Damilola Onafuwa (International Albinism Awareness Day)

Albinism: A group of inherited disorders characterized by little or no melanin production.

Late last year, the United Nations’ General Assembly established June 13th, 2015 as the inauguration of International Albinism Awareness Day.  This day will focus on the global efforts being made to address perpetual discrimination against people with albinism, most particularly in Africa.

Albinism Awareness is June 13, 2015

Hundreds of ritual attacks against persons with albinism, particularly children, have been reported in various countries and many more cases remain undocumented or unreported because of the ostracism of victims and their families, as well as the secret nature of witchcraft. -UN

Albinism is a condition that is still widely misunderstood. To learn more about how the UN is working to make a difference and increase knowledge, visit

One project worth mentioning is ‘Angels Among Men: The Albino Story’ by Nigerian documentary photographer Damilola Onafuwa.


Onafuwa is hoping to break traditional stereotypes and depict albinism is a positive light. View some of the images below:

Angels among Men by Damilola OnafuwaAngels Among Men
Angels among Men by Damilola Onafuwa


The project is ongoing, to learn more visit Damilola Onafuwa‘s instagram page.

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