Atong Atem

African-Australian Video Portraits by Atong Atem

Check out these video portraits from Melbourne based visual artist Atong Atem. Atem’s work is focused on reconciling the experiences of first and second generation African Australian by demonstrating how they make sense of a life living in two spheres. The portraits are a juxtaposition between Australian life and African traditions.

In an interview with i-D magazine, Atem takes about her series ‘Third Culture Kids’, and how her work is based on her life experiences. She explains, ‘Being a Third Culture Kid, means recognising there’s a space that exists between the culture we’re from and the culture we’re living in. I feel not South Sudanese enough, or not Australian enough. I have to accept that I’ll never be both: those ideas are completely fabricated from outside of myself.
The subjects in the video are Ajok Majok Marial and Adut Wol

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Atong Atem

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