NEW MUSIC: ‘Say My Name’ & ‘Cry Me a River’ Mash-up by Hewan (Video)

Watch and listen to Hewan’s sweet mashup of the Destiny’s Child classic “Say my Name” with “Cry Me a River” from Jusin Timberlake debut Album ‘Justified’.

Hewan (pronounced: Hey-wan) is an Ethiopian-American singer-songwriter from the Bay who grew up in a glass box. In 2011, she shattered that box with two words – “I quit.” Hewan left her promising job at a FORTUNE 100 company to move to LA and pursue a new career, music. (Bio Excerpt from http://hewanmusic.com)

To learn more about Hewan, check out the following links:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/HEWAN/
Website: http://hewanmusic.com/

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