Cool Creatives: Daniela Yohannes

Self described as the ‘Painter of the Invisible’, the artwork of Parisian artist Daniela Yohannes explores the concept of invisibility and it’s correlation to the artists acute cultural sensitivity.


Yohannes’ latest collection of work features the inclusion of dark transcendent figures atop colorful backdrops that effuse strong mystical overtones.

In a recent interview for Eclectic Soul Magazine, Yohannes is asked about her definition of ‘the invisible’. She explains, ‘The invisible is felt but not seen, it is experienced. I believe that no amount of reading and knowledge can replace experience. It is through experience that I came to find a whole parallel world, which is intertwined with ours. These experiences changed me, and my work. The invisible is within you and at the same time outside of you. It is not exclusive to a privileged few – we can all access it. I cannot define it with certainty as THIS or THAT – hence why I embrace the term invisible. It is mystical, spiritual, and it carries humility, which is much needed in these times.’



To learn more, visit Danielayohannes.com

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