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LOOKBOOK: ‘Nima Girls’ by Street Chief (Pre-Fall 2015)

‘Nima Girls’ is the newest ‘pre-fall 2015’ collection from STREETCHIEF, a Toronto-based label created in 2013 by Jesse Frimpong.

STREETCHIEF is a lifestyle brand heavily influenced by infusing elements of African art and popular culture into contemporary streetwear.

The new collection ‘Nima Girls’, is a myriad of African prints and artwork inspired by Togolese barbershop signs.

When asked about the new collection, founder and creative designer Jesse Frimpong tells us, ‘The “Nima Girls” collection is inspired by Nima which located Accra Ghana, where I spent my childhood years. In a way, this collection is inspired by low income neighbourhoods around the world such as Nima in Accra, Ghana. I feel that there are a lot of creative and talented people in these Neighbourhoods but the people are often ignored. I wanted my last few collections and my lookbooks to reflect the creativity, the energy and the fearlessness of people in such neighborhoods.’.

Firming also went on to explain the reasoning behind the StreetChief brand name, ‘The Chief in our name represents the African, culture and traditions on the continent and the Diaspora. The streets represent street culture of the west and hip hop. The brand merges these two concepts to create a unique feel.’

View the collection below:

Street Chief Street Chief Street Chief Street Chief Street Chief

To shop the collection, visit:

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