Support Crowdfunding Campaign for Upcoming ADOWA Documentary Film By Rebekah Frimpong

Award-winning Filmmaker and published author Rebekah Frimpong recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring her upcoming project ‘ADOWA’ to fruition. With the support of non-profit organization Dance Films Association, the documentary will unmask one of Ghana’s most popular and traditional dance form -Adowa.

Read the Synopsis below:

Adowa is a documentary film about oral literature in dance and preserving the culture of the Ashanti people of Ghana . A young artist of Ashanti heritage travels to Ghana to capture the beauty of traditional funeral dance called Adowa of the Ashanti people.  The film explores how the Adowa dance came to be and the tradition and history behind this dance using language, music, and the movements of the Adowa dance to reveal the story.

Casting Call for ADOWA Documentary Film
Looking for Ghanaians in the New York City metro area or in DC metro area to be in documentary film about Adowa dancing of Ghana, West Africa. Speak on culture, preservation, and dance. Please email with headshot and answer to this question: Why is cultural preservation important to you?

To learn more about the project, visit:


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