Awkward is the New Black, A short film profiling Issa Rae by Dylan Valley

When filmmaker and actress Issa Rae launched “Awkward Black Girl’ back in 2011, little did she know how much of a following the successful web series would garner. So much so that the second series was picked up by Pharrell Williamsi am OTHER channel.

Awkward Black Girl broke social boundaries with its exploration of intra-racial diversity and redefined stereotypes. It also gave a new meaning to black identity in the media.

Awkward is the New Black is a short documentary created by South African filmmaker and Africasacountry.com editor Dylan Valley last year for his University of Southern California thesis project. The documentary profiles Rae and her acclaimed web series Awkward Black Girl. Valley states, ‘In the film, I explore the journey of Rae’s web series, highlighting in particular how ABG (which started as a zero-budget exercise amongst friends) remedied the lack of complex representation of black characters on screen; and eventually became appointment viewing with the backing of Pharrell Williams.’


Source: Africasacountry.com

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