Questions with Singer/Songwriter Clarisse Albrecht

French Cameroonian singer Clarisse Albrecht combines the sounds of subtle fusion Soul and Bossa-Nova, for her latest offering ‘Mulata Universal’, an album that chronicles her musical journey as a singer and songwriter. We spoke to Clarisse to learn a little bit about her background and find out more about her inspirations for the album.

How would you generally describe your music to somebody who’d never heard it before?
It’s always sort of complicated for me to describe my music, it’s labelled “world-music “. I would more say that it’s a fusion between Soul, Bossa and Lounge. I feel it’s a very limited description, but I guess it helps to put it in a box. If it has to.

‘Você Me Da’ is your debut single. Can you tell us what the song is about? and what inspired you to write it?
My father is white, my mother is black. I was asked a lot what was my kind of men, the real question behind being “Are you into black, white or mixed men?”. My answer is very simple, I’m into good men. Attraction, feelings lays beyond physical. I’m not attached to any color really, it’s more about how you connect with your emotions, the energy you spread, your vision of life, how you feel love and pain. In that song, I wanted to share that pure and naive feeling you have when you’re falling in love. It has nothing to do with the color of your skin.


So being of French and Cameroonian descent and now living in the Dominican Republic,  would you say that your background plays any influence on the style of music that you are putting out?
It certainly does I guess. Being raised by a Cameroonian mother and a French father, in different countries made me aware that there’s a life outside your country, culture, language. I’ve been raised like that. There’s different point of views and that there’s not a better one but different ones. It obviously opened my mind and helped me being able to settle down elsewhere with somebody who has another culture as mines as well. Artistically, it made me free to sing in whatever language I wanted. I’ve been told that I should use a stage name sounding more Brazilian, and I was like, “I’m not planning to pretend I’m from Brazil, I’ll be that French-Cameroonian girl with a German name singing in Portuguese because I’m feeling it”.

Which artists inspire you?
I really look up to Sade and Amel Larrieux. I love how they keep on doing their things without following trends and falling into the exaggeration of sexiness.

Your new album ‘Mulata Universal’ was recently released. What can listeners expect? 
My album is already available on major download stores. I really want my music to be a daily companion in people’s life, have my songs attached to good memories or to be a pain reliever for bad day, a heartbreak…

How can my readers learn more about you?
I’m all around the web! Ah ah! Here are the links where you can learn more about me and purchase my music :


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